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“We do not want to choose between taste and safety”

We are vapers, passionate ones, so we were obviously heavy customers of well known eliquids but kind of disappointed by their lack of transparency, questionable origin and quality.
It is no secret that some unhealthy substances enhance the taste of eliquid and some producers use them either by ignorance or by laziness.
We believe that customers deserve to know what they vape.
Vapers should not have to chose between taste and safety.

“O Negative project”

Early 2014, we started the O Negative project with one thing in mind, crafting a subtile and delicious eliquid without compromising on safety.
It was a long journey, testing hundreds of flavors, refining recipes one after another and finding optimum steep process.
Eventually after a lot of work, we achieved the eliquid we had always dreamed of.
O Negative was born, we are very proud of it and we hope that you will love it as much as we do.

“State-of-the-art production”

We design everything and entrust Concept liquids with the manufacturing, providing the highest quality standards.
Of course our eliquids are tested by well renowned independent laboratory and because we don’t ask you to blindly trust our word, you can download report on this website.

With this unwavering will, we are committed to providing the best flavors and the best partners to ensure the most delicious and safe vape experience for our customers.

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